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Best Massage Chairs & Recliners of 2021 | Massage Chairs 101

December 17, 202015 min read

Life is all about running around these days. Everyone is having busy schedules trying to balance work and personal lives in this fast-paced world. It has become a necessity to take some time out for oneself every once in a while and relax, both physically and mentally.

To cater to this need for rejuvenation and relaxation, people have turned to massages as one of the options amongst many. In addition to that, massages also helped by providing relief for body pains, improving blood circulation and positively aiding many other ailments. This shot up the demand for spas and massage therapy centres around the world, but it also encouraged the quest of searching for the best massage chair of 2021 one could get in his home.

Naturally, going to the spa regularly, or getting appointments with professional therapists could be really tiring and cost you a lot of money in the long run. And sometimes, you might just not find enough time to fit in a massage slot in your busy schedules. This is where massage chairs come to your rescue.

Best massage chairs offer a more cost-effective option to get massages regularly and yield the same benefits as that a regular massage. They are a one-time investment and can be used at the convenience of your spare time, from your home or office areas. But the problem could be choosing the right one from all the options that are available in the market, that too within wide price brackets.

So, to help you cut down your research time, and give you an overview of the best chairs available in the market as of date, we are bringing forward a comprehensive review of all the best massage chair recliners highly appreciated and recommended by the users, along with the specifications, pros and cons for each product.

Now you can go through all of them and choose the one that you think suits best for you.

  1. Review of Real Relax Massage Chair – Favor 03

Realrelax’s unique massage chair comes with a Zero-gravity space capsule surrounding the recliner, and an inbuilt arm linkage and heating system for an excellent full-body shiatsu massage. The chair has four preset massage programs, and eight other programs set into the backrest of the chair, to give a professional-type massage right from head to toe. The recliner also comes with a unique foot roller massage function that ensures a better massage than that of the airbags. It is available online at a price of $844.99 per unit.

Why should you buy Real Relax Favor 03?

Favour 03 has many features that make it an ideal choice for you to buy, especially if you are looking for state-of-the-art benefits that give you the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic experience.

As I mentioned above, the chair comes with a new and unique arm linkage system that ensures you get a great massage, throughout the body. Also, if you’re dealing with back pain and other issues related to the spine, the heating system provides you with excellent blood circulation and relief, thus soothing the pain eventually.

The chair perfectly fits if you’re 6’1 or shorter. But in case you happen to be a little taller than that, the extendable footrests should be able to help you. Further, the chair comes with a warranty of 3 years, so you could get it serviced whenever there’s even the slightest of glitch.

Customer Opinion

Real Relax 03 has been appreciated by a lot of users, especially for its features and the value for the money it has to offer. The heating system and the airbags used in the chair give a great overall massaging experience. And the ergonomic design is no less than an added benefit. However, some users had complained of pain due to friction and roughness in the arm area during massaging.

  1. Relaxon Chair MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Relaxon Chair MK-IV is characterized by a built-in heating and air massaging system and zero gravity which gives its user an enjoyable full-body Shiatsu massage.

The chair is available in brown colour and is manufactured by a company based out of California called Relaxonchair. You can avail it at a price of $2299. If necessary, you could opt for a 12-month EMI at zero interest.

Why should you buy Relaxon Chair MK-IV?

With a unique roller design that’s different from most traditional chairs, Relaxon could give you an incredible massaging experience. Relax ensures that you get an entirely therapeutic and relaxing massage throughout the body through the preset functions like relax, comfort, neck and massage, shoulder and decompress modes.

The airbags present in the foot and arm area ensure a deep air massage that relaxes all the muscles in your body. Also, the carbon fibres used in the heating system see to it that the heating is stable and uniform, thus enabling an effective heat therapy for your body.

The three-inch wall-hugger design makes it easier to install it at your home without taking up too much space. And if you’re someone on the taller side, the adjustability helps you get the same experience as a shorter user.

Customer Opinion

Most users found the chair to be easy to install and less space-consuming. That too, without much hassle and tools. Another widely appreciated feature of the recliner is its effective massaging system which helped a lot of users relieve stress and pain on a regular basis. Other than a few users having an issue with the intensity of the massage, the chair has been highly appreciated by the customers, who claim that the chair performs what’s expected of it perfectly well.

  1. Best Massage EC-06c Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Massage’s EC-06c has got great features that can compete with any sophisticated massage recliner as well as an unbelievable price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It gives you a great experience, almost like that offered by a professional masseur/masseuse. So, if you are on a budget and are looking for something below $800, then look no further.

Why should you buy the Best Massage EC-06c?

For those who are looking for a massage chair that’s priced competitively, as well as provides an insane massaging experience, the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage is nothing short of a blessing.

The 30 airbags in the chair make sure you get an excellent and highly intense massaging experience. Furthermore, you can adjust the settings of the chair as per your preferences, so you don’t have to go with the preset modes which could end in pain.

The rollers and vibration mode on the seat help in relieving the lower back and waist pain. So, if you’re someone that has been troubled with either of these issues, EC-06c could be a great bet.

BestMassage has tried its best to give some exciting features and specifications for its product, given it’s just an entrant-level chair. It is these features that make it a delightful purchase. Oh, and not to forget all those colours you could choose from.

Customer Opinion

Many users feel that the chair has decent features for a new entrant in the market, that too at a price that doesn’t affect your budget. One of the most common comments about the recliner is that it is great for day to day relaxing experience and that the chair had tried to be on par with other expensive alternatives. But if you’re into lesser-pressure massages, then it could be a little too intense for you.

  1. Premium L-Track Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair with speakers 

LM-7000 by Kahuna is another affordable massage chair that has been popular in the market lately. The chair boasts of inbuilt along with many other features you could find in a higher-end chair.

At first glimpse, you’d notice that the LM 7000 is sturdy and is manufactured with high-quality parts. The chair is designed with utmost care to provide excellent support to your body frame and give an amazing massaging experience.

Kahuna also takes pride in its multiple automated massage settings, the L-Track model, and the smart space-saving technology, which takes up only a little space in your home.

Why should you buy Kahuna LM-7000?

Kahuna could be an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for a product that offers useful features and a great massaging experience at an average price range.

It has an overall high value for its features at the price range it’s available in the market. The air pressure techniques and adjustable positions and strengths make it for an excellent overall massaging experience.

Also, if you’re looking for a certification, the chair is FDA-approved. The manufacturer also offers excellent customer service. So, you don’t have to fret about fixing issues or resolving queries, however small they may be.

Customer Opinion

LM 7000 has been praised widely for its strong build quality and the high-end features it had to offer its customers. Even the L-Track massaging system has been proven effective when compared to its contemporaries. A lot of customers said that the features of the chair function perfectly, giving a good massaging experience overall. The only minor setback could be the intensity of the calf massage for a few users.

  1. Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna’s massage chair is popular among the ones that are available within a budget. But it takes immense pride in what it has to offer. Competing head-on with other chairs on the expensive side, Kahuna had tried hard to provide the ultimate massaging experience to its users through this recliner model.

The chair comes with a traditional L-Track roller design, which ensures a full massage to the back and the lower back. Unlike the chairs with an S-Track design, LM6800 the user receives a massage all the way from the neck to the back, tailbone area and down to the buttocks.

In addition to that, the massage chair has several other features like yoga and shiatsu, which gives user optimum relaxation.

Why should you buy the Kahuna LM6800?

If you are looking for a massage chair that offers decent features, but have a set budget in mind, then you might want to consider the LM6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner by Kahuna.

This massage chair indeed is cheaper than many other options available in the market, such as the Inada Dreamwave, which might be heavy on your pockets.

The LM6800 ‘s adjustable speed, pressure, and intensity make sure that you have an amazing time during the massage. It helps you relax and rejuvenate. That too, with your massaging preferences. While the six automated programs and the special yoga and shiatsu therapy give you a unique overall massaging experience.

Customer Opinion

Kahuna LM6800 has more than a whopping 300 reviews on Amazon, and most of them are positive. Many customers are delighted with the price and the features it had to offer in its range. Except for a couple of reviews saying that it might be a tad bit uncomfortable for taller users, a majority of buyers are quite satisfied with the product.




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