How does HP Smart Print work?

HP Smart Print

HP Smart Print work Setting up the printers of HP is not as difficult as they think. There could be many reasons for the same. The first one could be the non-working of the HP printers. The other one can be called issues with the connectivity to the available wireless networks. But one must not hesitate in setting up their printers of HP even in such cases. Instead, they must download the HP Smart Print file from the official site of HP as per the model numbers people have purchased. Indistinguishably, there are enormous benefits of using the HP printers in our daily lives. Due to these benefits, one can easily perform their day-to-day activities like printing tons of documents, and so on. Let’s now know about the process that will help us set up the printers of HP at our premises. For this just give a glance at the below section: –

Ways of setting up the printers of HP (Hewlett-Packard)

At times you are planning to install the setup file for your HP wired/wireless printers you must check the internet connectivity. Such connectivity is beneficial when you download the Smart Print file of HP even at odd timings like night or day. Additionally, the printer and the Windows 10 laptop must have connected to the same wireless network. Now execute the below steps: –

  • You must connect your web-browsers of your Windows 10 laptop with the official site of HP. This can be accomplished by typing in the search bar of these browsers.
  • Later it is essential to follow all the instructions of the installation wizard of the Smart Print setup. Even one can’t neglect the fact that the wireless network is active for the HP printer you are using.
  • The time has now come to select the file from your laptop. This file could be an animated picture, word document, pdf or any other statistical report. Make sure you select the file properly from the Smart application of HP. Even you can adjust the document’s headers and footers through this application.
  • After the selection is done, it is now necessary to give the print command from this application. The fact can’t be neglected that you can use your smartphone and then, type 123 hp-setup, for downloading this beneficial utility.
  • Now you need to select the number of copies you want to print. For this, you must select your printer onto the screens of the dynamic and robust laptops. Such copies could be one, two and so on depending upon the needs and requirements of the various HP users.
  • In the end, you need to hit the Print button so that the copies you are planning to print are available as hand-outs via the HP printer you are using in the process.
  • Just wait for the time you get the hand-outs. Now it’s up to you whether you switch off your HP printer as well as the laptop/laptops as the hand-outs are now in front of your eyes.  

Setting up the wireless printers of HP can be done by the above-listed steps. Even such steps can be helpful at times you are planning to print the colorful images for your project work or any other purpose. Hence, one can easily print the hundreds of documents without any issue as the above steps will help you achieve the same within the stipulated time.


Printers of HP are available in wired or wireless models. Depending upon your requirements you can purchase the same. But even after you purchase them it is necessarily important to know about the process of setting them up.

The reason is that it helps a lot at times you prepare your minds to get the hand-outs of the presentations via the HP Smart application you need the most. All this can be done with the help of the above-listed steps. Apart from these steps that are written in the above paragraph, you can visit our web-portals and know more about the printers of HP.

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