How to create a Gmail account – A Step by Step Guide in 2022

Most people like you don’t know how to create a Gmail account. I tell you this is not a big problem after reading this guide you will be able to create a Gmail account in a minute.

Gmail is a big email service provider by Google which gives 15 GB of space for their free users. Where you can use Gmail, Google Photos, Contact, Drive, and other Google product from one Gmail account.

Gmail is the most trusted email service provider and easy to use as well.

In this guide, I’ll show you step by step to register a Gmail account fast, and then you will be able to receive and send emails.

Without wasting your time I want to come to the main point.

So Let’s get started…

Step 1. Just go to

When you open this URL you will see the interface which is below.

Gmail Account

Step 2. Then fill in your full name, first name, and last name. Like your name is John Doe, So fill John in the first name box and Doe in the last name box.

Step 3. In the user, the name box enters your name or you want to keep any specific username. or google will suggest available usernames for your account. Select any which suit you more. See the examples below.

Create Gmail Username

Step 4. Create a Strong password combining Alphabet, numbers, symbols, which you can easily remember for the next login.

Use 8 characters or more for your password. Enter again your password to confirm your Gmail password.

Create Gmail Password

Step 5. Then click on the Next button.

After clicking on the Next button you will see another interface where you need to fill in more details to create a Gmail account.

Gmail Account Final Step

Step 6. Enter a phone number or an email already you have.

Always remember these fields are optional if you leave this still you can create a Gmail account.

But, filling these fields helps you to protect your account from unauthorized login or hacking. Or this also helps when you forgot a password.

Step 7. Enter your birth date this way, in a month column select your birthday month. In a Day enter your birthdate, and In a year column enter the year of your birthday.

Like your birthday is 39/04/2001. So select 04 in the month box, enter 30 in the day box, and enter 2001 in the Year box.

Step 8. Select your gender.

Select your gender in Gmail account

If you are a boy then select Male, Or a girl then select Female, Or you can select Rather not say, If you don’t want to disclose your gender or you can select custom to enter your own.

After filling in the all details click on the Next button.

Now, you have done all you require to create a new Gmail Account.

You can use your Gmail to send and receive an email, or you can use Google Drive to host any document, or you can youse Google Photos to Keep Your photos.

As I have mentioned steps above all are the correct and easy ways to create a Gmail Account.

By following these easy methods you can create a Gmail account for you or for your colleagues, or family.

Even you can create a Gmail account from a phone by using these simple methods.

If you like this guide don’t forget to comment on your view, and also share it with others to help in creating a Gmail account.


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